Moving TIPS

Make a List

Making a list of your boxes, and even numbering them is always a good Idea, then you know how many boxes you have when it comes to moving day for truck size and inventory.  Chances are, you'll be too tired to unpack your things once you arrive at your destination, so be sure to pack a small suitcase or brightly colored tub to put a change of clothes, your bathroom stuff, any RX and important papers, keys, box cutter, toilet paper, trash bag eating utensils power strips, phone chargers, tools, instant coffee and your mug.   Don't forget to put your box list in there too.

Designate a color for each room in the new home, such as yellow for the kitchen, orange for the dining room etc.  Then using colored tape or stickers, mark the box with the color of the room you want the box to land.  Once at the new abode, place the color on the door or wall of the room and the movers will be able their to match it all up.  Makes it easier for you so you won't be toting boxes from room to room.  Mark the boxes on the tops and sides so no matter how they stack up, you can read them!

Have plenty of supplies

You'll need strong plastic packing tape to close up the boxes securely (no open top boxes please).  Markers or sharpie type marking pens and/or labels for marking boxes are a must.  Labeling  is personal, some people mark only the room and general description.  Others mark location of room to reference where the items originated (i.e. bathroom closet 3rd shelf).  Keep zip lock bags for holding any small parts of things  you have to take apart, like curtain rods or mounted flat-screen TV's  or nuts, bolts, screws.  Tape the bag to the back of the item they belong to and label the bag. This is also a good idea for all the cords etc for electronics and computer equipment!  Label!  

You will need LOTS of boxes, way more than you could think. It will make your life easier if you have enough around.  Try to keep the sizes fairly uniform, they stack better.  Oh, and please don't overload them, use those big boxes for bedding and pillows and towels etc.  Put the books in smaller size boxes, the more the merrier and much easier to move around at the other end of the move!  Same with dishes and kitchen stuff. if you use smaller and medium size boxed, they are easier for you to lift to the counter to unpack.  Have an extra set of boxes available for that moving day  for your bedding, towels and items you are using during the move.  Keep a box or bucket of cleaning supplies away from the fray so you have it available after everything is moved out.   

Use unprinted newsprint or packing paper,  small bubble wrap for crystal and fine china and pad the bottom of the box with wadded newsprint.  Don't overpack those items, they need lots of packing material to nestle down into.  Pictures can be packed in bike boxes or old tv boxes with blankets or pillows between them to keep them from rubbing.  You can never have too much  packing material.


Closets are a world unto themselves.  There is ALWAYS way more stuffed in there than we would ever believe.  Utilize wardrobe boxes!  They are perfect for bulky, lightweight items such as lamps, floral arrangements and well as all the winter coats and ski wear (unless you are moving to the tropics, and then I hope you had a successful yard sale!)  Large baskets, gift wrap tubes, oversized comforters etc.  Just don't get too heavy!

The bottoms of wardrobe boxes are great for a few pairs of shoes,  or sweaters, , belts, jeans.  Then add the hanging clothes. Pack the hangers tightly so they don't shift around..  You'll have fewer boxes and closet items remain together. Placing the items for the bottom into plastic shopping bags before packing in the box makes it easier to retrieve when you unpack.

Mark the box according to what closet it came out of so you know where (and sometimes what) is in there!

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